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Nygren Placemaking was created to assist developers, creators, and dreamers with fine tuning their ideas and turning them into a reality. At Serenbe, we bring people together to learn and explore ideas about the environment, sensitive development, and new ways of thinking and planning for the future. We model beneficial ways to both preserve and develop land in addition to connecting artists, artisans, and art lovers to create and experience art in its fullest range and glory. We place special emphasis on the "earth-centered" arts to celebrate the cultural and ethnic heritage of the Chattahoochee Hill Country and we explore how the arts and technology can be integrated in support of one another in the creative process. We share valuable lessons about art, the environment, technology, and sustainable and green field development with others.Serenbe demonstrates commonsense approaches to integrate living systems with nature. This approach provides water and energy conservation, agriculture activities, and arts integrated with a range of housing choices mixed with shops, restaurants and a country Inn. We build in accord with nature rather than at its expense with results of economic gains and personal wellbeing.

Serenbe exemplifies a community where people authentically live, work, learn and play in celebration of life’s beauty. Serenbe is a place where connections between people, nature and the arts are nourished.

About Steve Nygren

Steve Nygren

Fearing urban sprawl in 2000, Steve led the effort to create the Chattahoochee Hills Country Alliance to bring together landowners, developers and conservationists to find a mutually-agreed upon solution of balanced growth for 40,000 acres on Atlanta’s edge. This effort resulted in the largest land use change in the metro area’s recent history Compared to the 15 county metro Atlanta’s model over the last three decades, this land plan provides for 20% more housing while saving 70% of the land for agriculture and recreation. In 2004, the Nygrens began development of Serenbe the community to demonstrate these concepts. The result is reminiscent of century-old communities connected to current technology. Steve has chaired many local and state board and currently serves on three national boards dealing with environmental issues. He also serves on the Georgia Department of Community Affairs Board and chairs the Task Force for Comprehensive Planning for Georgia.

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    Four hours including breakfast or lunch.

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    One day charrette

    Bring your team to Serenbe for a custom one day charrette.

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    In depth charrette

    The Serenbe development team will fly to your location for an in depth charrette on your project.

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    Speaking engagement

    Speaking engagement on community, environment or well-being.


Your team members stay and learn for one to four months about real estate sales, hospitality and development training.

2016 Conference

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2016 Conference
April 25-27, 2016

Photos from the 2016 Nygren Placemaking and Biophilic Institute Conference

View 2016 Conference Agenda
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Developing Serenbe

New Strategies and Techniques for Building Sustainable Communities

Serenbe in Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia

April 23-26, 2017

Learn the nuts and bolts of planning and building a walkable community where residential, retail and farming thrive. Discover how Serenbe's unique features better conserve natural resources and provide greater financial returns for the developer and the home owner.

This seminar will supply best practices for facts and figures. Lab sessions will provide a look at the amenities that make this a flourishing development that has enjoyed growth during the recession.

Contact us for more information: kelli@serenbe.com